Newlander Meat Shop (Newlander) is a specialty retail shop now open in the downtown area Conception Bay South (CBS).

Newlander has a vision for CBS to revive, a cozy, reputable neighbourhood meat market, meeting all the traditional standards of the past while breathing a modern creative new life into locally sourced food.

Purchasing meat should be a culinary experience rather than a routine errand. We want customers to know our staff, trust ours products and appreciate our tips and opinions. We want customers to be excited about the food they can make for their family and friends.

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Products will include:

  • Fresh and Dry Aged Steak

  • Beef

  • Chicken

  • Lamb

  • Pork

  • Sausage

  • Burgers

  • Bacon

  • Meat balls

  • Meat pies/loafs

  • Jerky

251 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South


Thursday 4:00-6:30pm

Friday 4:00-6:30pm

Saturday 12:00-4:00pm


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